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Status for zip/3.0-13

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-typo-it-is-transferring-not-transfering.patch manpage typo: transfering -> transferring A Costa <> no debian
02-typo-it-is-privileges-not-priviliges.patch manpage typo: priviliges -> privileges A Costa <> no debian
03-manpages-in-section-1-not-in-section-1l.patch put manpages in section 1, not in section 1L Lior Kaplan <> no debian
04-do-not-set-unwanted-cflags.patch Do not set unwanted CFLAGS, as it breaks DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS Santiago Vila <> no
05-typo-it-is-preceding-not-preceeding.patch manpage typo: preceeding -> preceding Santiago Vila <> no
06-stack-markings-to-avoid-executable-stack.patch put stack markings in i386 assembly to avoid executable stack Kees Cook <> no debian
07-fclose-in-file-not-fclose-x.patch zipnote.c: Close in_file instead of undefined file x Christian Spieler no debian
08-hardening-build-fix-1.patch Use format specifier %s to print strings, not the string itself Santiago Vila <> no debian
09-hardening-build-fix-2.patch unix/configure: Take linking flags from the environment Santiago Vila <> no debian
10-remove-build-date.patch Remove (optional) build date to make the build reproducible Santiago Vila <> no debian
11-typo-it-is-ambiguities-not-amgibuities.patch manpage typo: amgibuities -> ambiguities Santiago Vila <> no

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