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Status for zsh-syntax-highlighting/0.7.1-2

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set-version.patch Set $ZSH_HIGHLIGHT_VERSION to the package version The first two $(shell ...) invocations are taken from debian/rules of the
zsh package[1] with permission.
[1] git://

This patch implements setting .revision-hash to a valid gitrevisions(7)
expression identifying the source control revision of the packaging (and, by
extension, of zsh-syntax-highlighting itself). This is needed to make
generation of binary packages independent of whether or not the build is
occurring within the packaging's git repository, and to ensure .revision-hash
always reports a revision pertaining to the same source (the packaging source,
rather than upstream's).
Daniel Shahaf <> not-needed 2017-07-31
fix-test-failures-due-to-ps.patch Fix test failures due to 'ps' missing from build chroot The testsuite assumes (( $+commands[ps] == 1 )). Daniel Shahaf <> no 2015-11-28
noop-use-slash-nonexistent.patch Use /nonexistent for compliance with Debian policy v4.1.1 ยง9.2.3 Daniel Shahaf <> not-needed Debian 2017-11-02

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