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Status for ruby-rmagick/5.3.0-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Bypass-version-check.patch Bypass version check
This is what SONAMEs are for.
Antonio Terceiro <> no 2015-08-25
0002-Use-deterministic-label-for-image.patch Use deterministic label for image
this helps making the build reproducible
Chris Lamb <> no 2016-08-16
0003-Seed-RNG-to-0-during-builds.patch Seed RNG to 0 during builds
This helps making the build reproducible
Antonio Terceiro <> no 2016-08-16
0004-gemspec-drop-git-usage.patch gemspec: drop git usage Antonio Terceiro <> no 2016-12-03
0006-spec-skip-failing-tests.patch spec: skip failing tests
./spec/rmagick/image/read_spec.rb fails due to the default ImageMagick

I don't know yet why
./spec/rmagick/class_methods/limit_resources_spec.rb fails.
Antonio Terceiro <> no 2021-10-12
0006-Set-rpath-empty.patch Set rpath empty =?utf-8?q?Bastien_Roucari=C3=A8s?= <> not-needed 2023-10-21
0007-Do-not-run-GC-test-before-3.2.patch Do not run GC test before 3.2
Avoid a FTBFS on PPC
=?utf-8?q?Bastien_Roucari=C3=A8s?= <> yes upstream 2023-10-21

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