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Status for rust-sequoia-sq/0.33.0-3

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drop-subplot.patch Drop subplot-driven tests
subplot is not available in debian, and it would require a lot
of additional packaging work. Better to just avoid it for now.

This set of changes for the sake of reduced dependency subtrees
was guided by Lars Wirzenius from upstream.

This patched was modified by Peter Michael Green to support
sequoia-sq 0.33.0
Daniel Kahn Gillmor <> no
cert-store-0.5-wot-0.10.patch This patch is based on the upstream commit described below, adapted for use
in the Debian package by Peter Michael Green.

commit 314e19c1afe2cc0fd61588888df358ad56003f36

Upgrade sequoia-cert-store and sequoia-wot.

- Upgrade `sequoia-cert-store` and `sequoia-wot` and adapt to their
API changes.

Neal H. Walfield <> no 2024-02-23
relax-dep.patch no

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