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ds9-Don-t-load-TclTk-extensions-as-shared-libs-but-as-pac.patch [ds9] Don't load TclTk extensions as shared libs, but as packages
This allows one to start DS9 as a normal tk application without
special initialization.
Ole Streicher <> no 2016-12-16
ds9-Use-FHS-documentation-directory.patch [ds9] Use FHS documentation directory
Instead putting the documentation into the common shared dir of ds9,
debian wants it in /usr/share/doc. This requires the help browser to
be adjusted.
Ole Streicher <> no 2016-12-16
ds9-Make-the-doc-package-optional-by-disabling-the-help-m.patch [ds9] Make the "-doc" package optional by disabling the help menu Ole Streicher <> no 2016-12-16
ds9-Don-t-close-DS9-when-closing-the-unpatched-tkcon-cons.patch [ds9] Don't close DS9 when closing the unpatched tkcon console
The original saods9 code contains a patched tkcon which replaced the
exit with hide. In Debian, we are using the unpatched package.

This solution was taken from
Ole Streicher <> no 2016-12-16
ds9-Use-ttk-themes-provided-by-the-system.patch [ds9] Use ttk themes provided by the system
The themes used by saods9 will be provided as separate Debian
packages. They however have slightly different names, which is changed
by this patch.
Ole Streicher <> no 2020-11-17
tksao-Add-a-dummy-psscale.patch [tksao] Add a dummy psscale
The original code from ds9 uses a patched postscript code to allow
scaling. Since we use standard Tk, we cannor support this (postscript
scaling is silently ignored), but we need to support the global
variable "psScale" which Doug Mink hacked into to get the scaling.
Ole Streicher <> no 2016-12-16
tksao-Avoid-compile-time-warnings-and-errors.patch [tksao] Avoid compile time warnings and errors Justin Pryzby <> no 2016-12-16
tksao-Initialize-tkblt-stubs-and-include-path-to-libxml2.patch [tksao] Initialize tkblt stubs and include path to libxml2
This resolves a crash when using vertical/horizontal graphs.
It also helps building on FreeBSD and GNU HURD.
Ole Streicher <> no 2017-04-14
tksao-Add-fitsy-objects.patch [tksao] Add fitsy objects Ole Streicher <> no 2020-11-12
fitsy-Compile-against-system-library-funtools.patch [fitsy] Compile against system library funtools Ole Streicher <> no 2016-12-16
tclfitsy-Define-debuGZ.patch [tclfitsy] Define debuGZ Ole Streicher <> no 2020-11-12
tclfitsy-Include-fitsy-object-files.patch [tclfitsy] Include fitsy object files Ole Streicher <> no 2020-11-12
tcliis-Use-standard-path-for-imtoolsrc.patch [tcliis] Use standard path for imtoolsrc Ole Streicher <> no 2020-06-10
util-Make-internalError-dummy.patch [util] Make internalError() dummy
The function uses a Tcl_Interp *global_interp which was never set and
therefore its use would lead to a SegFault.
Ole Streicher <> no 2020-06-11

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