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Status for telegram-desktop/4.14.9+ds-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
1001-Revert-Fix-QGuiApplication-desktopFileName-usage.patch Revert "Fix QGuiApplication::desktopFileName usage" This so-called fix breaks window bindings to app list in DE. Qt5 and Qt6
interpret differently the QGuiApplication::desktopFileName() method.
no debian
1002-Revert-Workaround-cmake-bug-25222.patch Revert "Workaround cmake bug 25222" This wasted check is unnecessary in Debian since our version of the ms-gsl
package has the actual fix of infinite recursion inside std::optional.
no debian
2001-Hide-irrelevant-warnings.patch These warnings may be uninteresting to end-users The restrictions are actually imposed by Debian-specific environment and
cannot be fixed by the user themself. It is highly encouraged to install the
recommended package fonts-open-sans.
Nicholas Guriev <> not-needed 2023-10-03
2002-Disable-register-custom-scheme.patch Do not write desktop entries on starting The present patch skips the registration of URL scheme at runtime. An already
packaged org.telegram.desktop.desktop file provides the needed features.
Nicholas Guriev <> no 2023-10-03
2003-Do-not-sync-wallpaper.patch Do not upload wallpaper after updating or login * This behaviour may be unexpected for a user and cause to leak
private pictures to the remote server.
* The patch prevents the checkUploadWallPaper() method from being
called during startup initialization. The user still has an
opportunity to send his subsequent wallpapers to Telegram Cloud.
To do this, he can click on the link "Choose from file".
Nicholas Guriev <> yes upstream 2019-07-27
2004-Fix-undefined-names.patch Fixing build changes Nicholas Guriev <> yes 2023-02-17
2005-Ignore-emoji-pack.patch Remove default values for the patched rLottie On IA-64 platform, the recent rLottie is uncompiled where the loadFromData
method can accept four parameters.
Nicholas Guriev <> not-needed 2022-12-10
2006-No-random-popups.patch More extensive use of "tabbed-panel-show-on-click" Extend the use of the experimental setting "Show tabbed panel by click" to the
bottom-right menu in the media viewer, to the speed controller in the video
player, to the ordering button in the audio player, and to the folder icon in
the settings.
Nicholas Guriev <> no 2023-06-27
2007-Packed-resources.patch Dynamically load packed resources from separate file This reduces amount of main memory required for linking stage. Nicholas Guriev <> yes 2023-12-28
2008-Really-disable-crash-reports.patch Exclude crash reports by means of macro Thanks to this I do not worry about backporting eliminated code. Nicholas Guriev <> yes 2021-08-11
2010-Skip-CLD3.patch Skip CLD3 integration because the library is currently unpackaged in Debian Nicholas Guriev <> no debian 2022-12-04
2012-Skip-RNNoise.patch RNNoise free build Nicholas Guriev <> yes debian 2021-07-29
2014-Include-libyuv.patch Include libyuv.h provided by the libyuv-dev package Nicholas Guriev <> no 2023-06-24
2015-System-wide-cppgir.patch Prefer packaged cppgir Nicholas Guriev <> yes 2024-01-08
2017-Log-system-info.patch Log system info So bug reports will contain more helpful information. In particular, which DE
is in use and current graphical protocol (X11 or Xwayland or Wayland).
Nicholas Guriev <> no 2023-09-13
2018-Prefer-Xwayland.patch Override default Qt platform Prefer X11 even under Wayland due to a number of visual issues with custom
window frame and other shortcomings of video chats (group calls).
Nicholas Guriev <> no 2023-10-03
2019-Generate-libprisma-grammars.patch Generate grammars.dat from Prism during build And consolidate dynamic resources into a single file. Nicholas Guriev <> no 2023-12-28
2020-Missing-variant-include.patch Add missing <variant> include Nicholas Guriev <> yes 2023-11-08
2021-Remove-BYPRODUCTS.patch Remove BYPRODUCTS parameter of add_custom_command() It looks working incorrectly in newest CMake >= 3.28.1
Too little time to figure out what is going on here.
Nicholas Guriev <> no debian 2024-01-08

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